With a background in commercial design and innovation and many years of experience working in professional consulting firms, the Mandalay Group will partner with you to see your construction and business goals come to fruition. The Mandalay Group offers comprehensive commercial capabilities including:

  • Project Development, Construction Management & Consulting

      • If you have a large project coming up and no staff or inexperienced staff to handle the assignment, we can help. We routinely work with projects on an ad-hoc basis no matter what stage of development.
      • Are you a real estate investor or business owner with a project stalled due to permit or resourcing issues? We can help manage the unexpected and be your creative problem-solver

  • Commercial Construction

      • Are you a local firm looking to sub out a particular phase of construction work? Look no further as the Mandalay Group can help meet your needs
      • Are you a large commercial development firm or government entity searching for a trustworthy partner for an upcoming project? We regularly work with government officials and know all the important steps to getting your project done.

  • Office Space, White Boxing, Retail Fitouts/Real Estate Investment

      • We work with business owners, property managers, and real estate investors to create the perfect business space for your needs

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