The Challenges and Joys of Waterfront Living at the Jersey Shore

November 21st, 2019|

There’s nothing like it! Waking up, looking outside, and seeing your boat in your backyard, ready to go. For those of us with a passion for boating or fishing, this is a dream come true. The Mandalay Group can help make your dreams of waterfront living a reality. We are a full-service construction company and can help you: Search for a waterfront lot that meets your waterfront living and boating criteria Design/build a new custom waterfront home Renovate your existing home Lift your existing home to meet flood elevation requirements Search for an existing home on the water and turn it into your dream home Hurricane Sandy decimated many areas in Ocean and Monmouth county; however, we see this tragedy as a rebirth. As a result of the devastation, many homeowners were able to rise above the flood waters and improve their homes leading to renovations, house lifts and increased ability for people to purchase properties at the Jersey Shore. Many communities have been rebuilt and reinvigorated and the pride of the Jersey Shore has now come back to these neighborhoods in a [...]

Retail Fitouts, Real Estate Development & Commercial Consulting

November 18th, 2019|

Customizing a retail or restaurant space can be a daunting task, however, the Mandalay Group can help! We have many years of commercial experience in helping small businesses or corporate franchises hit the ground running. With new construction practices and a plethora of available material choices, retail fitouts can be done on time and on budget. We will understand your goals and budget and get your space up and running so you can make money. We have familiarity with all the local building codes, the permitting process and the inspectors in Ocean and Monmouth counties. View some of our commercial work. Taking into account the pressure retailers now face with online shopping, it is more important than ever to make a space unique, effective, and designed with your target audience in mind. Drawing people out of their homes nowadays is more difficult than ever and consumers have higher expectations than they ever did before. We understand these parameters and can help set you up for success. What sets us apart? The owner of the Mandalay Group holds degrees in both civil and structural [...]

How to Choose a Contractor

November 6th, 2019|

For most people, choosing a contractor is one of the most stressful decisions in any new home build, renovation or house lift project. There are many stories of contractors taking people’s money, tearing their house apart and never coming back. This makes the relationship between the client and contractor tense and stressful at times as reputable contractors need to work against this perception. There are, in fact, laws put in place to protect homeowners from deceptive and abusive practices, such as the Home Improvement Practices Act enacted in the state of NJ to protect homeowners from misrepresentation and fraud deception with home improvement contracts. In addition, the NJ Home Improvement Contractor Registration Act requires all full and part-time contractors who engage in “home improvements” to annually register with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs as a Home Improvement Contractor (HIC). This law provides remedies for consumers who are dissatisfied with a contractor and requires registered contractors to have all work covered by detailed written contracts. The New Home Warranty and Builders’ Registration Act was also enacted to provide a broad scope for the warranty [...]